The Waterfront Function Centre Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Photography Sydney introduces Twitter Panel as a new innovation to the virtual tours. Twitter Panel gives our clients even larger marketing potential by allowing them to display tweets in the virtual tour. The Waterfront Function Centre Virtual Tour also features HDR photography, tailor-made interface with built-in social media, background music and indeed it is fully compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The Waterfront Function Centre Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Features
HDR Photography
Background Music
Social Media
Tailor-made Design
Twitter Panel
Visitors Statistics
iOS compatible

Adrian Vermeulen – Chief Executive Officer at St George Motor Boat Club – said: “Our virtual tour has doubled our function leads. We are always looking for that point of difference in the highly competitive wedding market and the virtual tour has provided that for us. It has brought to life our rooms and waterfront views and provided our potential customers with outstanding imagery. The whole process was seamless and very cost effective with the iPad and iPhone applications receiving tremendous feedback even from existing customers. I would highly recommend Virtual Tour Photography Sydney if you want to make a difference to your business and enhance your marketing potential.”

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